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To ensure you have the most fun at your party, here are a few files that will help you with that:

  • A print version of the tutorial
  • A list of inspirations for activities – but feel free to come up with anything else
  • A4 sheets with all achievements to fill and print out for rules.
    Also available for the fixed sets.
  • Made-up party personas who explain their use of Party Achievements for all kinds of occasions.

Every set you purchase comes with a small tutorial booklet, but if you want to have a look in the game mechanics first, have this printer free version (less colour and A4 sized).

“But I am not a creative person, I don’t know what asctivities to do!” – That’s one of the most common reactions, but here is a list with a few examples for each achievement. 

Feel free to message me with any great ideas you have to add to it!

Here is a blank sheet with all achievements and lines to fill out for you and print it at home.

Here you can find some examples of usage. These made-up party people all used Party Achievements for their partys and they will tell you all about it.

You can just copy the ideas, adjust/replace some, or just read through as an inspiration but make a whole new game.

If you have any great ideas for new party personas let me know.