Party Achievements is a fun way to easily reward your guests for activities of your choosing

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Join the party!

Every host comes up with his own activities that are perfect for his/her kind of event and the guest list (but no worries: I have an inspiration list to support you!).

What events is Party Achievements for:

  • Birthdays
  • Weddings
  • Bachelor Partys
  • Kid’s Partys
  • Business Events
  • Team Building
  • Dinner Partys
  • Board Game Evenings

With a little bit of preparations, your party will be social, engaging and remembered by everyone!

Every party is different as it is YOUR choice how to use the sticker achievements.

„A really diverse and entertaining game. Sure to bring variation and Adds a new twist and livens up any party."
Stephie G.
"A great idea. You easily get into conversations with other party guests - no matter if you have met before or not."
Jan B.
Project Manager